Hi there! I am…
Rea Donato.

I am a technical virtual professional (Virtual Assistant). I love working with speakers, authors, and coaches, especially in their first three years of business, and help them reach their utmost success. Knowing what you need in your website, marketing materials, and the systems to set up can be confusing in the beginning. I’m your woman for that. We can determine what you need to help you set up on the right path.

I help busy professionals and business owners free up their time and check off their to-do lists to focus on the more important tasks and enjoy life. More than just doing the job and getting it done, I want you to shine in the spotlight while I help you on the side with my technical skills.

Turn off that busy badge. Get some help.

How it started…

Freedom, passion, and chasing dreams. These are a few reasons I decided to quit my corporate job and go full-time on freelancing.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology in 2014. In the same year, I was hired as a technical assistant in a local web solutions company. From there, I took a leap of faith and took the risk to become a full-time virtual assistant.

After taking a few part-time gigs and project-based tasks, I landed a job I was in for the next five years. I was able to learn impactful life hacks that apply to business and my everyday life. She is a coach, speaker, and a three-time best-selling author. She helps busy professionals maintain work-life balance and boost productivity, so believe me when I understand you. I know how I can help you. My years of experience with her have helped me understand the needs of the speaker, author, and coach. I know what these roles need and how to systemize processes to help them work on the business instead of in it. More than just being her VA, we also became good friends, and eventually, she became my coach. I am forever grateful to her.


I have been working as a VA for more than six years. I love to travel and aim for freedom to do what I love wherever possible to achieve a work-life balance.

I am still learning and continue to work hard to keep up with the latest technologies to stay relevant and give the best support to my clients. I am happy to provide help in the limelight as I watch my clients shine. I am glad to help them get back their time and enjoy the freedom they deserve without choosing between work and what’s more important. I am happy to be a VA you can trust.

How does it works.

Step 01.

Schedule a FREE consultation.

Step 02.

Start delegating your tasks to me.

Step 03.

Get back your time and enjoy!

Fun Facts About ME.


I am from the Philippines.

Filipina and proud. I am from the southeast part of the world, so I would be happy to say that your business is still running while you are asleep. Wouldn’t it be nice to see notifications of accomplished tasks when you wake up?


I love to travel.

Though I haven’t tried going overseas yet, I’ve had my fair share of travel to different parts of the country. From beaches to mountains and to the next city just to see that picture-worthy spot. Work-life balance: This is my way of recharging myself to give more energy and enthusiasm to get more productive at work.


Coffee is life.

Cliche as it is, but I can’t start my day without having a cup of coffee. This is my energy booster that keeps my system running. I like my coffee black with no sugar or cream in it but a latte every once in a while is lovely too.


Music is my productivity booster.

I like listening to music in whatever I do. When I work, when I do house chores, or even when I just lay around doing nothing. I have my separate playlists for them that go well with what I wanted to achieve.

What can I do to help you.

Do you often sleep late at night just making sure you tick off every single item on your to-do list?

Do you always spend long hours trying to figure out how to do something not in your line of genius?

Why do you have to waste your time if you can have someone to do that for you?

Check out all the services I offer to help below.

website management

Website Design & Management.

Build and maintain your website, add new landing pages, upload blog posts, oversee the technical structure and offer support.

Digital Content Creation

Marketing Collateral Creation.

Photo and video editing, slideshow and presentation creations, and digital resource guide creation.

systems and tools setup

Systems and Tools Setup.

Setup and automate actions in your systems so you can save more time monitoring and checking.

Social Media Assistance

Social Media Assistance.

Create graphics like photos and videos for your social media content and scheduling them to go out strategically to maintain a good online presence.

Executive Assistance

Executive Assistance.

Data entry, research, email, and calendar management.

Want to know if we are the best fit?

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What Clients are saying about working with ME.

Marcey Rader

"Rea designs beautiful websites that are functional and user-friendly. "

She has built five sites for me and I repeatedly get asked who created them. She also is highly skilled in creating marketing materials that stand out for any speaker, author, or coach. I worked with Rea for six years and she’s now ready to help other speakers, authors, and coaches, especially in their first three years in business, get the tools and systems in place they need to be successful!

Marcey Rader

Founder, Rader Co.

Dan Frigo

"She was reliable, dependable and quick learner."

I hired Rea and employed her for over a year and she helped with my WordPress sites, and general VA work. She was reliable, dependable and quick learner. I enjoyed our time together and would recommend Rea highly.

Dan Frigo


Mary Mcbeth

"Rea is a multi-talented professional, knowledgeable of a wide range of professional services and web applications."

She has a very good eye for detail and it is generally been a very pleasant experience to work with her. She has come to my rescue more times than I can count. Rea is one of those rare, gifted, and hardworking individuals who seems to be good at just about anything and I can’t say enough good things about her personality and her work. I would recommend Rea wholeheartedly and I sleep better knowing my business is in her very capable hands.

Mary Mcbeth

Memoir Magazine